General hypernetwork framework for creating 3D point clouds

Pipeline of our HyperNetwork approach


In this work, we propose a novel method for generating 3D point clouds that leverages properties of hypernetworks. Contrary to the existing methods that learn only the representation of a 3D object, our approach simultaneously finds a representation of the object and its 3D surface. The main idea of our HyperCloud method is to build a hypernetwork that returns weights of a particular neural network (target network) trained to map points from prior distribution into a 3D shape. As a consequence, a particular 3D shape can be generated using point-by-point sampling from the prior distribution and transforming sampled points with the target network. Since the hypernetwork is based on an auto-encoder architecture trained to reconstruct realistic 3D shapes, the target network weights can be considered as a parametrization of the surface of a 3D shape, and not as a standard representation of point cloud usually returned by competitive approaches. We also show that relying on hypernetworks to build 3D point cloud representations offers an elegant and flexible framework, and to that point we further extend our method by incorporating flow-based models which results in a novel HyperFlow approach.

In IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
Tomasz Trzciński
Tomasz Trzciński
Principal Investigator